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What was it like to work at Digg during Digg V4?

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Unique. I joined Digg pretty late in the product cycle of Digg V4. Eagle-eyed followers of Digg might have noticed that the version of Digg V4 was somewhat different than the Digg V4 that was shown around in Diggnation in SXSW 2010. When I started at June, right out of college[1], V4 was pretty much finished feature wise and most people were tasked with actually building things up to scale and start thinking about how […]

Learning vs. Doing

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Sometimes I wonder the sheer amount of knowledge that can be found on the internet is creating a culture where some sort of shallow learning is encouraged over anything else. I am definitely guilty of this too but I see more people reading blogs explaining some sort of trivial or only theoretically important stuff about, say, web development than people who are working on creating web applications. It really is another form of procrastination, if […]

On Work

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At the end of the day, it’s the ownership that determines the quality of work produced. You either have this emotional connection to whatever you do, or not. Everyone has seen a video of some craftsman who produces an amazing product after an inordinate amount of effort and is moved by it. It all reminds me of an essay by Ben Pieratt that was making rounds a few weeks about how work is personal for some […]