Month: August 2012

On Being a Builder

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One of the recurring themes in any technical team is the tension between designers and developers. Many designers complain about how their beautifully designed and well-thought out mocks aren’t faithfully implemented but merely considered as guidelines. A lot of the time, the design details takes a back seat to the ease-of-implementation and how detail-oriented the developer is. While there are a lot of developers who don’t mind going the extra mile to get the design […]

Ode to Humility

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  Unless you have been living under a rock, you probably heard that the smart fellows at Jet Propulsion Laboratory managed to land a rover on Mars. Or more accurately, the scientists and engineers managed to program a robot to successfully enter the Mars atmosphere, guide itself towards its landing destination and then lower a 900 kilogram rover from 7.5 meters while it is suspended in the Martian sky by rockets. JPL, headed by Lebanese […]